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Have you ever woken up after a night of perhaps partying a little too hard and all the memories of the night before flood back into your mind too fast? Multiply that by three days and two nights and thats what made this tune.


Waking up, Tuesday morning and I think I am alright
and for four glorious seconds, all I’m feeling is the light
But the memories of last night they creep back slowly to my mind
and I fear I’ll be stuck forever in this time.

Where I smile and laugh and dance and sing and scream with open arms
and all you see when you talk to me is solely just my charm
but my heart it beats like thunder and I’m all kinds of distressed.
It’s time I sit and breath and take a little rest.

I need space to get my head clear
oh I know I can’t keep drinking to the bottom of this beer
I don’t recall getting to this state
They wanna make me numb anyways, I’ll self medicate
I will drink until I can’t remember that I don’t wanna be
Just another reckless, stupid somebody.

Waking up, Wednesday morning and I think I feel alright
and for ten glorious seconds all I’m feeling is the light
cuz I feel your heart beat next to mine and breathe in time, its true
I wonder if this time the guilt will get to you.

You need space to get your head clear
oh you know you can't keep drinking to the bottom of this beer
Do you recall getting to this state
Whats the use of losing consciousness and speeding heart rates
Please don’t drink until you can’t remember that you don’t wanna be
Just another empty, useless somebody.

Now I don’t lead by example, I’m fumbling blindly in the night
But now I think I’m heading in the right direction
so please don’t make the same mistakes that I, that I did.

We need space to get our heads clear
all the bottle really did was help us to deny our fears
that we won’t progress anymore
We will keep our heads held high and proud and face that open door
I know you have to fly so please, enjoy the mountains and the breeze
and take time to find your peace and clarity
See the sea, breathe deep
and get some well deserved, undisturbed sleep.

Today the wind she blows the raindrops off the trees from storms last night
and my eyes they chase the clouds now as they swirl along their flight
When they part the sun comes shining, falling brightly from above
Oh I might just start to feel a little love.


from Just in Time, released October 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Megan Vivares Toronto, Ontario

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